Intro to the Webplate Framework

Webplate is a front-end web development framework for building websites and web apps. It’s pretty lightweight and so far seems really easy to use. You can check it out at

From the website:

Webplate is an awesome front-end framework that lets you stay focused on building your site or app all the while remaining really easy to use


So far my favorite thing about Webplate is how the ui components are broken down into plugins. This is very useful because I can easily implement them in a new or old project.

So far there are five plugins available:

  • Blueplate: A lightweight, responsive CSS layout engine and SASS mixin library designed to get you building quickly
  • Buttonplate: A universal button library for all devices
  • Flickplate: A cool jQuery plugin that lets you flick through content*
  • Formplate: A small plugin to style forms uniformly across all devices
  • Modalplate: A quick and simple plugin for producing responsive modals*

*very nice

Ease of use

The framework has been pretty easy to use so far. This is a framework that coders of all skill levels can pick up and use right away.


Of course I’ll be creating a series of videos to show how easy this framework is to use.

To get started, header over to the downloads page and grab the starter kit. Then watch the video below for a sneak peak.